Preview for MEMENTO

Here are keywords & questions to focus on while watching Memento (2000).

  1. Keywords: space, outwardlookingness. How would you describe Leonard's experience of time and space? What seems most "strange" about how he relates to the world? What kinds of relationships does he have with others? What does the article by Little mean in describing Leonard as a "missing" person?
  2. Keyword: space. What devices do the filmmakers use to show you Leonard's experience of time and space? Following Little, how does the narrative structure of the film work to pull you into Leonard's way of experiencing time and space? How effective are these devices?
  3. Keywords: traces, the body. Think about Leonard as a trace maker. Which of  Leonard's traces strike you as "novel"? Why does he mark places in the ways that he does? How does Leonard use his body? What are the different possibilities posed by Little in regards to Leonard's tattoos and tattooing? Do his strategies "work"? Why or why not and how do the filmmakers signify their success or failure?